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Brittain Academy has chosen The California Achievement Test as it's exit exam for the Adult High School
Diploma Program. The California Achievement Test is a 407 question - ten section test - providing
graduation rate proficiency level testing in five main areas
of curriculum for a classical education: English, mathematics, history, science and social studies.  The
test is broken down into: 5 tests in English, 2 tests in math, 1 test in history, 1 test in science and 1 test in
social studies; each containing 30 to 50 questions per test.

The cost of this testing program is $500.00. Our students are asked to place a deposit of $250.00 when
the testing procedure begins. This deposit can be paid by cash, check or money order, or for your
convenience, with your credit or debit card through our website
at:www.brittainacademy.net .
The testing procedure is to be completed over a 30-day period, at the student's convenience of
schedule, in our private testing facility located at: 155 Norht Point Ave. High Point, NC 27262 . The
balance of payment may be made at convenient intervals through the testing period, upon completion of
the testing procedure, or at the end of the 30-day time limit- which ever is most acceptable. Tutoring
materials are available in each of the five areas of testing, between each test.
A review of individual results may be obtained immediately following completion. This program has no
sequence, therefore a student may choose the order in which he or she wishes to proceed through the
process. Individual tests MUST be completed once they have begun and no grades will be awarded for
partial completion.  There will be no
time limit for any individual test and adequate paper and pencils will be provided for math computation is
requested. There is no limit to the number of tests a student may choose to complete in a single day,
however each test, once opened must be completed
before another is begun. Students may complete the entire test in a single day and defer the balance of
payment for the entire 30-day period.  No diploma or transcript will be awarded until the entire contract
amount has been satisfied. A 'letter of intent' to an employer, stating that the student is currently enrolled
in the diploma program with the expected future graduation date, will be provided upon request to the
employer under separate cover and will be further advised if the student does not complete the program
within the prescribed time frame.

If you are worried about passing the Test, try our new online
Test Demo.
For more info, please call the academy between 8:00am &
4:00pm. EST
(Eastern Standard Time). 336-899-7114
Click here to begin the Test Process Online

The Adult High School Diploma Program
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